Sarah Konjić, born in 1996 in Dortmund and raised in Austria, has Bosnian heritage. She is an artist, working independently as well as serving as a cultural mediator and curator in Stuttgart.

From 2014 to 2019, she pursues Fine Arts, specializing in painting and graphics, at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz. Alongside her art studies, she also completed here studies in Art and Cultural Sciences. Since 2014, Sarah Konjić has showcased her own artistic work in both solo and group exhibitions on a national and international scale.

Since 2020, she has taken on the role of leading the screen printing workshop at Werkstatthaus in Stuttgart. In addition, she operates as a freelance art and cultural mediator, collaborating with various institutions in the city, including StadtPalais and Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Furthermore, she holds the position of Co-Curator at the Palermo Galerie.

exhibitions [selected]


2023 Studio Spartacus Sportsbar by Michl Schmidt - collaborative Merch Michl Schmidt x Sarah Konjić/ Palermo Galerie / Stuttgart (DE) 

2021 solo show: groundless identity/ Werkstatthaus Galerie / Stuttgart (DE) 
2021 Arte Noah/ Charity sales exhibition/ Kunsthalle Feldbach (AT)

2020 Dialog mit der Jugend/AKKU, Künstlerbund Baden- Württemberg/Stuttgart (DE)
2020 solo show: formlos/ Kulturhaus Gerberhaus/ Fehring (AT)

2019 was man nicht sieht/ Schöllerbank Linz (AT)
2019 KunstUNI im Schloss/ Schloss Puchenau (AT)
2019 PEW PEW PEW, groundless identity/ existing in a destructive area/ Edition: /Linz (AT)

2018 The Sky Made of Panels, Zeta Gallery/ Tirana (AL)
2018 The Sky Made of Panels, Kulturtankstelle/ Linz (AT


2014- 2019  
Painting & Graphic Art/ University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

2014- 2019  
Painting & Graphic Art/ University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

tutor in the Silkscreen Printing Department of the Institute for Fine Arts and Cultural Sciences/ University of Art, Department of Painting and Graphic Arts/ Linz (AT)

PRIZES/AWARDS [selected]

2nd prize of the "Dialog mit der Jugend" competition and exhibition, 2020, AKKU Stuttgart (DE)
Runner-up of the Arte Noah Art Awards, 2020, (AT)
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